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Virtual Environments

When designing a virtual environment, a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy must be considered before implementation. Utilize best practices that centralize management and process controls to ensure easy monitoring and a secure environment.

SEP offers exceptional backup, recovery, replication and encryption for virtual platforms, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization (RHV/RHEV), Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer), KVM/QEMU, OpenNebula, zVM and Nutanix. SEP virtual solutions are fully integrated, easily installed and allow for maximum flexibility when designing backup strategies.

Key Features

  • Agentless technology
  • Single-file restore for Windows VSS, Linux/UNIX
  • VM snapshots, image level backups for all supported operating systems
  • Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix
  • Automatically or manually restore to other hosts, HA clusters, or pools
  • Easily create automated warm standbys onsite or offsite for DR or QA
  • Convert between virtual and physical servers [P2V and V2P]

SEP Backup Module for Citrix XenServer

SEP offers advanced backup and disaster recovery features for Citrix XenServer. SEP displays the XenServer infrastructure in the management interface, showing available VMs and simplifying the planning and execution of automated backup processes. No additional effort is required to back up and protect any XenServer environment.

SEP communicates directly with the Citrix XenServer API to back up snapshot images of VMs without the need for clients/agents. You simply enter your XenCenter username and password and a list of all Citrix hosts and VMs auto-populates. VMs can be dragged and dropped VMs into any backup group schedule.

SEP also includes Activation Loss Prevention by keeping the same MAC Address and UID so you don’t have to re-enter Windows Key Codes or re-activate third party software.


Product Features

  • Agentless technology
  • Prevents license activation loss
  • Management interface integration
  • Simplifies backup management with a single console for XenSever and the entire backup environment
  • Windows VSS and Linux server snapshots
  • Encryption
  • See all guests with authentication to the XenServer pool
  • Keep a disaster recovery site in sync for a hot or cold availability solution
  • Use Disaster Recovery to synchronize your virtual machine to a pool or offsite location
  • Restore to other XenServer hosts or pools
  • Back up metadata & host-specific information
  • Convert between Virtual and Physical Servers (V2P and P2V)
  • Backup methods:
    • Offline Backup
    • Online Live Memory Backup
    • Online Quiesced Backup
    • Online Normal Backup

Backup XenDesktop Key Components:

  • Desktop delivery controller
  • User-specific profiles
  • Provisioning server
  • Master image
  • Metadata
  • Templates
  • SQL database


Backup XenApp Key Components:

  • XenApp Server
  • User-specific profiles
  • License server
  • Citrix secure gateway
  • Active directory
  • Granular file and file share rights
  • Server farm information
  • System-specific information (included in system state)

SEP Backup Module for Red Hat Virtualization (RHV/RHEV)

SEP offers a fully integrated solution for Red Hat Virtualization with native backup API support and advanced snapshot backups. The SEP for RHV data protection solution provides fast and intuitive VM restores without the need to install backup clients on each virtual machine. Special disaster recovery procedures are no longer required. RTOs and RPOs can easily be fulfilled. A key advantage of the SEP data protection platform is the optional command line interface that enables highly customized administration of the backup and restore processes in any environment.


Product Features

  • Agentless snapshots
  • Uninterrupted snapshot backup
  • Native API backups
  • Built-in encryption capabilities
  • VMs are backed up via direct communication between SEP & the RHV hypervisor
  • Single enterprise management interface
  • Image level backups of any VM
  • Cold Backups, Agent Based Backups & API Based Hot Backups are all supported
  • Granularity – SEP supports RHV single server and RHV cluster backups with the API. SEP can back up everything from the VM configuration, the individual disk of a single VM, to all virtual machines on a RHV cluster.

  • Single RHV VM relocation restore support – restore VM to any RHV location, server or cluster, in the environment.
  • Perform a simple path restore of a selected RHV VM configuration directly to a directory on any system, rather than restoring and importing a VM to the RHV environment.
  • Utilize SEP deduplication and replication to efficiently & cost effectively manage backups and significantly reduce required disk storage.
  • Full support for both RHEV and RHV

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