SEP Whitepaper: Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 (RHV) Backups by SEP

SEP backup and disaster recovery software is a robust, easy to manage, secure solution for businesses of any size. The SEP solution for Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) provides fast and efficient backup capabilities for RHV environments of any size. SEP leverages its patented Multi-Streaming Technology to simultaneously back up multiple streams of data, while simplifying and automating backups for all environments. Entire enterprise infrastructures can be managed by a single interface.

The SEP backup solution for RHV provides:
• Agentless backups through the RHV API
• Platform-independent functionality
• Built-in encryption capabilities for data while inflight and at rest
• A single enterprise management interface
• Built-in encryption capabilities

There are two different ways SEP can backup RHV virtual machines:
• Agent Based Backup
• Image Level Backup via RHV API

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