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// $Id: sms_messages.h,v 1.13 2008/02/25 08:42:15 sesam Exp $
 *** Copyright (c) 2004 by SEP AG. All rights reserved.
 *** Reproduction is prohibited without written permission of
 *** SEP AG.

/** Data Server returning messages **/

"1001: Command not recognized."
"1002: There is no media in the drive."
"1003: An attempt to unload the tape failed."
"1004: Failed to read from pipe."
"1005: Login denied. Login type is not appropriate."
"1007: Connecting to tape device failed."
"1008: Disconnecting from tape device failed."
"1009: Login denied. Current device block size is not valid." 
"1010: Failed to allocate memory."
"1011: Tapemark detected."
"1012: Failed to read from tape. Invalid block size."
"1013: Failed to read from tape. Unknown data format."
"1014: Failed to read from tape. System error."
"1015: Tape position does not allow current operation."		
"1017: Invalid segment number."
"1018: Invalid tape format. Saveset Header not found."
"1019: Login denied. Invalid device block size specified."
"1020: Block type is not what we expected (it to be) ."				
"1021: Direct positioning to end of tape failed."		
"1022: Unexpected Tape Handle value."						
"1023: Tape label different from existing."			
"1024: SMS is not in allowed state for this command."
"1025: Setting the tape block size failed."						
"1026: Skipping blocks on tape failed."						
"1027: Skipping tapemarks on tape failed."				
"1028: CRC does not correspond."	
"1029: Login denied. Kill conduction failed."			 
"1030: Reading from pipe failed."							
"1031: Internal error."						    			
"1032: An attempt to unlock the tape failed." 
"1033: Cannot get information. Read tape trailer must be read." 
"1034: Unrecognized command."  
"1035: Accessing mutex failed." 
"1036: Writing tapemark on tape failed."
"1037: Writing data block on tape failed (%d): %s."
"1038: Saveset Trailer written in EOM area."
"1039: Writing of Saveset Trailer failed."
"1040: During the writing of Saveset Header EOM reached."
"1041: Writing of Saveset Header failed."
"1042: Tapemark written in EOM area."
"1043: Invalid tape format. Saveset Header should follow TapeMark"
"1044: End of data reached."
"1045: System error."
"1046: Tape is not opened. Open the tape first"
"1047: Cannot open/create file in disk device directory"
"1048: Some files cannot be removed from disk device directory"
"1049: Cannot remove files from disk device directory"
"1050: List of directories is empty"
"1051: Cannot delete saveset. Refer to log file"
"1052: Saveset does not exist"
"1053: No further tape available"
"1054: Writing Segment Header failed"
"1055: Repair tape failed"
"1056: Writing Tape Header failed"
"1057: Permission denied - log in as ADMIN"
"1058: Permission denied - log in as KILLADMIN"
"1059: Cannot get parent process ID"
"1060: Cannot execute sm_stop_start executable"
"1061: Unable to fork process"
"1062: Feature not implemented for disk device"
"1063: Writing of Tape Trailer failed"
"1064: Label not read from tape"
"1065: Invalid tape label. Must be 6 characters at least."
"1066: Requested Saveset does not exist on given media. Requested TapeID:SavesetId %d:%d <> real TapeID:SavesetId %d:%d."
"1067: Found interposed Segment Header after TapeMark."
"1068: End of data on DISK reached."

/**  Tape API returning messages   **/

"2001: Invalid Tape ID."
"2002: End of media reached."				
"2003: Failed to convert to ascii buffer."	
"2004: Do not write Tape Trailer. There are more active saves." 
"2005: Invalid tape operation."				
"2006: Rewinding of tape failed."			
"2007: Direct positioning to end of tape failed." 
"2008: Invalid Block Size."		
"2009: Setting of Block Size on Tape Device failed."		
"2010: Failed to write Tape Trailer. Tape is already closed." 
"2011: Failed to write Tape Trailer. Tape is positioned at BOM."
"2012: Invalid Media Pool."
"2013: End of media reached due to storage media problems."				

/**  SCR DLL  returning messages   **/

"3001: Error handling security descriptor"
"3002: SMS pipes are busy"
"3003: SMS pipes not running"
"3004: Cannot send command to SMS"
"3005: Cannot open socket to SMS"
"3006: Closing pipe failed"
"3007: Closing socket failed"
"3008: Reading start sign from SMS failed"
"3009: Unable to open first free detected pipe" 
"3010: Inquire pipe is busy."
"3011: Inquire pipe is not opened from SMS side"
"3012: Reading inq_op_count information failed"
"3013: Reading inq_status information failed"
"3014: Reading inq_amount information failed"
"3015: Reading throughput information failed"
"3016: Reading reply information from SMS failed"
"3017: Invalid device name."
"3018: Login denied. Client already logged in."
"3019: Opening pipe failed"
"3020: Block size too big"
"3021: Non-existing device name. Check sms.ini configuration file"
"3022: Block size too small"
"3023: Full path for ctl dir not found"
"3024: Environment/registry has not been set for SMS"
"3025: Admin pipe is busy. Please try again later..."
"3026: Kill-admin pipe is busy. Please try again later..."
"3027: Admin is not logged in"
"3028: System error: cannot kill admin/client"
"3029: Client is not logged in"

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