SEP Backup Servers

SEP Backup Servers

Sesam Tasks Running Twice?

I am running 4 scheduled backup tasks on a server, confirmed only 4 in schedule but they appear to be running twice, as I am getting sesam results via email which say 8 tasks completed successfully.

Persistent Tape/Changer Device Naming

Tape Drives:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Ubuntu Version Compatability

Debian: stretch (BETA)
| 16.04 | Xenial Xerus

Debian: Jessie
| 15.10 | Wily Werewolf
| 15.04 | Vivid Vervet
| 14.10 | Utopic Unicorn

Disaster Restore from Datastore

 sbc.exe -r -S $SERVER_HOSTAME -s -v 1 -R c:\target\

Does Sep Sesam Support monitor these Forums?

 Does anyone monitor these Forums?



East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District

ECCV was having a great deal of difficulty getting the old backup solution, CA ARCserve, to work consistently. A full backup of critical data took over 13 hours to complete and required continuous monitoring. The software no longer supported the mix of platforms in use, including Windows, Linux and Novell, and did not meet the District's strict PCI requirements...

Andersen Construction Company

Andersen Construction Company was using an older version of CA ARCserve backup software, which was proving to be inadequate. "The overhead in time and complexity of running the backups for the remote locations and headquarters demanded we seek a new solution; one that could back up our legacy applications as well as run on Novell's newest OES platform, WMware and our Lefthand Netwroks SAN solution from HP...

Alpine School District

"We evaluated and tested quite a few different backup software solutions over a three year period and nothing fulfilled our needs until we tried SEP..."

SEP Software Makes Its First Appearance at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2012

 Boulder, CO – November 6,

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