The most innovative cloud and business technology conference

Where you can discover game-changing technologies to meet today’s greatest business challenges. Be a part of it. Change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Economies, societies, and the environment are rapidly evolving, changing the game for your industry, your organization, your department, your colleagues, and you. With change come challenges – and opportunities – and your success depends on finding the right path to achieve the best outcomes for your business. At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, SAP will look at change in a new way and put the business outcomes you want in the spotlight.

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  • This is where game-changing technologies enable you to meet your future, be a part of it and chart your company’s destiny
  • Experience the latest and most impactful business technologies in the world
  • Hear how the world’s most successful and leading-edge companies are reinventing themselves in the digital renaissance
  • Touch greatness – meet, mingle, and listen to an incredible roster of visionary thought leaders, technology geniuses, and pioneering icons of digital business
  • Engage with the ASUG community of business and technology professionals and learn how you can get the most from your SAP products and services
  • Explore end-to-end solutions and experience real-world showcases featuring the latest digital technologies, all in one place

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Event Details:
SAP 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference
May 7-9, 2019
Orlando, Florida