Comprehensive, Cost-Effective, Scalable Data Protection

A single backup and disaster recovery solution for hybrid environments of any size

Physical. Virtual. Cloud.

Multi-Platform Data Protection & Business Continuity

Backup and recovery for the widest range of operating systems, databases and applications. 

Easy to implement and scalable for any growing or changing environment. 

Back up to any location – onsite or offsite, private or public cloud.

Backup & Recovery for Virtual Environments of Any Size or Type

Fastest snapshot and single file restore tools on the market. 

VMware. Hyper-V. Red Hat Virtualization. XenServer.

KVM. OpenNebula. z/VM. Nutanix AHV.

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VM Essentials

Harness the same powerful
enterprise class backup and
disaster recovery engine
for a reduced cost.


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SAP Certified Backup

SEP protects against data
loss and provides the
recovery of an entire
SAP environment


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Virtual Backup

SEP offers exceptional
backup, recovery, replication
and encryption options
for virtual platforms


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Disaster Recovery

With Bare Metal Recovery
for Windows and Linux,
disk drive and system
failures are tamable.


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Ransomware Protection

Protect your organization
from ransomware by having
a reliable backup solution
performing frequent backups.


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Products and Solutions

VM Essentials 

We are a high-performance hybrid backup and disaster recovery solution.

SEP replaces multiple backup software products with a single high-performance solution for hybrid IT environments – physical, virtual and cloud. Supporting the widest range of operating systems, databases and applications, SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals managing data protection and business continuity. Sales and support services for North and South America are managed from our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Resources and Support


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“Switching to SEP allowed us to consolidate from three backup platforms down to one. Factoring in our data growth, we can confidently say SEP completes our full backups over 25 times faster than our old solution.”

Nathan Hensal
Director of IT
Highland Community College

“I can definitively say that SEP backs up our environment at least twice as fast, uses only one server instead of two, and our backups complete well within our backup window, so it is much faster than
our old solution.”

Clint Scott
System Administrator
Mount Aloysius College

“The SEP installation was the single best experience I have ever had deploying a product.”

Jeff Sessler
IT Director
Scripps College

“Since installing SEP, the time we spend working on backup related issues has shrunk by a factor of 90%. In addition, the acquisition cost of SEP was less than the maintenance fee of our old backup software.”

John Carpenter
IT Director
Georgetown University

“We saw how easy it was to install SEP and we were immediately impressed. We worked with one of the techs and he had our entire college switched over to SEP in under 3 hours. ”

Korey Hildebrand
Information Technology Team Lead
Winnipeg Technical College

“The performance of SEP went above and beyond what we expected of the product. The time it takes to complete a full backup has decreased by 235%!”

Dustin Hurshman
Network Engineer
City of Thousand Oaks

“Time spent on backup administration and monitoring is now almost nonexistent and the backups complete in just 3 hours, 4 times faster than our previous solution.”

Cory McMahon
IT Administrator
East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation

“Even though we are backing up more servers than ever before, our backup window is much shorter and the ongoing costs with SEP are half as much.”

Kevin Wunder
IT Director
City of Fitchburg

“The result was just astonishing! SEP was able to do a full backup within 3 to 4 hours when our existing solution took 4 days to perform the same tasks on exactly the same hardware.”

Frank Uittenbosch
IT Administrator
Netherlands Institute for Space Research

“We’re backing up all our servers, from VMware virtual servers to physical Microsoft and Linux servers. SEP allows us to use one software
for every platform. No other software we looked at came close.”

Tim Ashman
IT Manager
Andersen Construction Company

“The best part about SEP is that I can back everything up with one product. All areas and volumes of data are covered with a single backup solution.”

Thomas Grebner
IT Manager
Davos Klosters

“SEP has exceeded our expectations by easing the workload and providing a quality backup solution. The time we spend working on backup-related issues has shrunk by about 90%.”

Paul Rudin
Network Administrator
Grand Bank & Trust of Florida

“I can honestly say that after significant due diligence on our part, there is no better solution in the Exchange or Groupware world than SEP.”

Torten Kynast
IT Director
Knott Brakes, LLC (GmbH)

“I have run SEP for a couple of years now and when I see a success message from a restore, that message has been true 100% of the time.”

Bill Davis
Manager of Enterprise Systems
Tax Analysts

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