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Defending Against Ransomware

SEP backup software provides snapshot backups which can be restored to any type of media at any location, on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, using BMR. The data repository can be selected using a disk-to-disk or disk-to-disk-totape
strategy. After a system has been infected with ransomware, all infected computers on the network must be disconnected and cannot be brought back online until the ransomware has been completely removed.

A replacement server, completely cleaned (scrubbed) of any ransomware must be used to restart the recovery process. The computer is loaded with the SEP software and all data can be restored to the new backup server.
Once this is accomplished, you can reconnect the ‘cleaned’ servers, workstations, etc. to the network and begin to restore the data through the network. Last, the desired saveset is selected and the automated recovery to the
selected servers begins.

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SEP Ransomware White Paper


Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 (RHV) Backups by SEP

SEP backup and disaster recovery software is a robust, easy to manage, secure solution for businesses of any size. The SEP solution for Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) provides fast and efficient backup capabilities for RHV environments of any size. SEP leverages its patented Multi-Streaming Technology to simultaneously back up multiple streams of data, while simplifying and automating backups for all environments. Entire enterprise infrastructures can be managed by a single interface.

The SEP backup solution for RHV provides:
• Agentless backups through the RHV API
• Platform-independent functionality
• Built-in encryption capabilities for data while inflight and at rest
• A single enterprise management interface
• Built-in encryption capabilities

There are two different ways SEP can backup RHV virtual machines:
• Agent Based Backup
• Image Level Backup via RHV API

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SEP RHV 4.0 Whitepaper


Competitive Comparison: SEP vs. EMC Avamar

SEP is ideal for any mixed-IT environment. From small businesses up to major enterprises, SEP supports all common operating systems, virtualization platforms, applications, databases, and storage technologies. Secure enterprise-wide backups, restores, and recoveries are extremely fast and easy to manage. A simple, straightforward GUI allows users to easily oversee thousands of systems around the world from a single management console.

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Evaluation of Enterprise Data Protection using SEP Software

Executive Summary

Data protection is an ongoing challenge in IT environments of all sizes. For most organizations, the complexity of their environments, coupled with the size and the amount of data that needs protection are the primary challenges. For IT organizations, without dedicated staff to perform data protection, a concern is the complexity of the software used for data protection.

Large, enterprise backup applications have many features, but are often very difficult to utilize, understand and optimize. In contrast, data protection software designed for smaller organizations typically have far fewer features, reducing the complexity, but also limiting their usefulness and often imposing performance limitations.

Evaluator Group tested and validated several features and capabilities of the SEP sesam data protection software. These included the ability to protect both physical and virtual systems, along with rapid restoration capabilities and the performance of the software. All of these features are relevant for organizations ranging from small businesses up to the largest enterprise.

This evaluation is detailed in the following report, highlighting the configurations and environment utilized, along with the results and the implications of the findings. This report can serve as a first level evaluation guide for IT administrators who wish to compare SEP sesam to their existing product, or for IT Architects and IT management as an outline for performing an evaluation of backup products. The results of the testing are summarized in the Evaluation Summary on page 15.

The remainder of this document provides details of the tests, the results and findings, along with Evaluator Group commentary and opinions and detailed appendices.

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SEP Evaluation

SEP Whitepaper: Backing up SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SAP HANA

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications with SEP

USE, SAP and SEP Software Corp. are committed to meet customer needs providing all the functionality, performance and interoperability required to meet today’s demanding customer environments. Together, they offer world-class solutions at an optimal price to implement, protect, and improve customers’ investments in their IT infrastructure. SUSE, SAP and SEP have now formed a partnership using their industry-leading IT infrastructure and application technologies to provide a complete data protection solution for the SAP HANA environment.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is the recommended and supported O/S for SAP HANA. SEP, by SEP Software Corp., is a SAP certified backup and disaster recovery solution to protect SAP HANA. This whitepaper describes the benefits of using SEP for the backup of SAP HANA on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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Collaborate Without Compromise

After a decade of close partnership, SEP Software Corp. and Red Hat continue to collaborate to deliver solutions that help customers improve productivity and data
accessibility. Based on proven real-world deployments, SEP sesam has complimented the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and combined it with SEP’s patented Multi-Streaming Technology. This combination delivers critical backup and disaster recovery (down to bare metal) solutions. This collaboration has allowed the partnership to jointly develop solutions for varied system topologies and has helped organizations meet or exceed Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Now with Red Hat’s innovative enterprise storage solution, SEP provides an unmatched backup and disaster recovery solution for any environment.

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7 Reasons to Use ONE Backup Solution for Physical and Virtual Machines

Download our newest whitepaper below and see the benefits of having just one backup solution for your enterprise environment.

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7 Reasons for One Backup Solution



Competitive Comparison – SEP vs. CommVault Simpana

SEP makes a strong first impression with its minimal system requirements and straight-forward and quick installation process. It requires a much smaller footprint for installation, both in terms of additional required software and the size of the installation, than any of its competitors.


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